Why Go Yachting In Dubai

So you’re in your yacht and can go anywhere in the whole world, where would you go? I would suggest Dubai, there are so many things to do in there, other than the fact that sailing has become quite popular in Dubai that even traditional sailing yachts have started to pop up, the city is a place where people of all ages can enjoy many things, given that you have the money though. So here are a few things to look forward to when in Dubai, let it push you to the decision of a vacation in Dubai.


1. Beautiful Man Made Islands 

There are a lot of beautiful artificial Islands! If you don’t have a yacht there are a lot of yacht rental services in the city, and you will not regret renting one. The sheer beauty of the man-made island makes it worth it, with so much places to go to via boat, there is nothing like relaxing on the deck while sipping your drink just taking it all in, the beauty of the structures, waving hello to your fellow sailors now quite numerous because of the rise of popularity of sailing in the city.

2. Largest Indoor Theme Park 

While I write this article the theme park is still not finished, but it is nearing its completion. The City might have the tallest building, and it might also have the most man made artificial islands, but that is not enough for them, they also have to have the largest Indoor theme park! Which is something I am really excited about, I am more of an indoors type of guy, I don’t hate the sun but I feel way more relaxed indoors. I can only imagine the grandness of the structure, I plan to visit the theme park myself once it is completed. I have to say electricians did a great job with this one.

3. Good Cheap Food 

If you want a break from the luxurious three star restaurants, you should visit the “poorer” Neighborhoods of the city, you’ll experience food from places like India, Lebanon and Iran. With most being cooked and prepared by people of those countries the food is authentic cuisine!

4. Golf Tournaments 

Take a break from yachting and take a couple of swings at the world class golf courses, one designed by Tiger Woods himself! I heard of a rumor that if you score really well that the man will play a game with you (Totally baseless rumors, because I made it up myself)

5. Safe and Hospitable City

Dubai is one of the safes cities in the world, one time I heard a man tell a woman just to leave her purse on a public bench because no one would bother touching it. (I don’t know how true that is though)  And the people are quite hospitable; they are quite warm and generous, the people of Dubai make the city a cozy place to be.

So why choose Dubai when it comes to yachting? Because apart from the wonderful experience you could get yachting in the marina, there are a lot of wonderful grand things to experience in the city itself! Me and my friends from the workplace liked the Dubai, and we’ll be coming back again!