Real World Application of Geography: Pesticides

It is often wondered by people, mostly students, of the practical application of any subject they are required to study. They argue that; unless one pursued a career in the field of study, there would be no practical use of it. To remedy this mindset, we have decided to start a new series which would explore practical applications of geography to most, if not all careers. In this first installment, we explore the application of geography and pesticides.

Pesticides and the World You would think that pesticides, in relation to geography, would be a very narrow topic, maybe only limited to its relation to the environment, and farming, though we will also be discussing that.From something as simple as the use of pesticides at home to the complex topic of economics and production, geography plays a key role in the success of businesses such as carpet cleaners & electricians and the safety of your environment and the people around it.


At Home This would seem like a trivial thing to think about, but unless you will be hiring professional pest management services to do the work for you, you will have to brush up on your local geography when choosing the pesticide you will be using.

Pest control services in your area would have already chosen the best type of pesticide suited for your local environment, which is also cost effective for their business.

Intimate knowledge of the area is needed to do this, knowledge such as the local fauna and flora of the area, which could be affected by particular pesticides.

Things like underground water reservoirs, something that is important to protect nowadays, are also of concern. So if you are not planning to hire a professional to do the dirty work, you must have intimate knowledge of your local environment.

Fortunately Denver has little environmental factors that are sensitive to commonly used pesticides, unless if you or your exterminator use really nasty, albeit illegal stuff.

Agriculture The problem that agricultural pest management faces is similar to home use, except at a much large scale, in addition to other factors.

Farmlands tend to be extremely large areas, a lot of things could be affected by the use of pesticide, and while this is a concern we have no choice but to work around things to minimize the effect, with the importance of farming to society and all.

Large companies formulate many pesticides and weed killing agents to only affect specific pests and weeds, a feat only possible through the careful study of the local geography and chemical engineering research.

Conclusion We have only scratch the surface of the importance of geography in relation to the use and development of pesticides, a topic that I would prefer to be discussed in its own article in the future.

What we have succeeded in discussing though is the relevance and application of geography in the real world.

It is important to note that the application of subjects like geography to the real world often comes unnoticed; it is a common misconception that one would only need to study a subject only when your aim is a career in it.

Knowledge of universal rules and disciplines does not confine us; it frees us to explore new things, regardless of the field we choose.