Geography facts that will blow your mind

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The earth as we know it is just a glimpse of its geographic. There are many facts you are not aware of, here are some of the mind-blowing facts about the world:


  2. Bangladesh is 115 times smaller than Russia but has a population of 10 million people more than Russia.
  3. China has 14 bordering countries.
  4. The biggest river in the world, the Amazon has no bridges that go across it.
  5. About half of the world’s population is in India, and south-east Asia.
  6. There are about 11 time zones in Russia due to its massive size.
  7. The dwarf planet Pluto has a surface area which is smaller than Russia’s surface area.
  8. “A” means river in the Scandinavian language and is the shortest name for a place.
  9. The cave “Er Wang Dong” in China is so big that it has its weather conditions, sometimes have clouds and mists covering up the place
  10. The Vatican and San Mario are two countries within Italy with its government.
  11. Pangaea was the name of a giant continent which included all the land masses, and the ocean was called Panthalassa meaning superocean.
  12. At some point in time, India was in the Indian Ocean rather than being in Asia.
  13. Australia is wider than the moon.
  14. During the 1811 and 1812, an earthquake of 8 Richter scale occurred which caused the Mississippi River to flow backward
  15. The smallest country in the world is the Vatican City.
  16. The only continent that covers all four hemispheres is Africa.
  17. The northern hemisphere consists of ninety percent of the earth’s population.
  18. Mount Everest can fit inside the Mariana trench.
  19. 75 percent of the world’s fresh water is found in the glaciers.
  20. The Dingo Fence built in the 19th century Australia is stretched about 3488 miles.
  21. United Kingdom is smaller than 11 states in the US.
  22. The growth of our fingernails is the same rate the continent shift.
  23. The dead sea at present is sinking 1 meter per year and is 429 meters below sea level.
  24. In the Philippines, there is an island within a lake on an island that’s within a lake on an island.
  25. The hottest temperature recorded on the earth’s surface was 136 degrees Fahrenheit or 57.8 Celsius.
  26. The coldest spot on the earth is the Vostok station in Antarctica which has temperatures was about minus 128.6-degree Fahrenheit.
  27. Gravity is not distributed on earth in equal; there places like Hudson Bay Canada that has less gravity than any region of the globe.
  28. The magnetic north pole of the earth is moving northward at the rate of 10 miles per year.