On my Geography Trip Researching The Health Benefits of Chiropractic Therapy

geography-las-vegasI had always been quite sickly, not to the extent of being bedridden or anything similar, but I had always been sickly compared to my friends, which was always a hinder to my hobby of studying geography. I had always been researching ways to make myself a little more healthier, from new vitamins to the latest therapy, I had always tried what they were offering and seeing if there was any positive effect for me. Lately though there has been reports of a clinic in Las Vegas who claimed there were positive effects on one’s wellness through chiropractic therapy, and it became my latest therapy to research on, seeing the effects of the treatment first hand by experiencing it myself.


The Concept

After researching about it, electricians in Columbus OH discovered it was not really something new, but it was only recently that it got traction in the mainstream.  The concept of the treatment is that the spinal housed the main highway for communication between the brain and the organ system, as well as other body functions including the immune system. The theory goes that, when this communication is in perfect condition, the body can pretty much heal itself from anything, functioning perfectly. But this communication can have difficulties if the main highway of the nervous system is misaligned, causing an inefficiency in different systems of the body.

The treatment is meant to correct this misalignment, allowing for the communication of the nervous system, organ system, and the immune system to be corrected, allowing the body to function properly and heal optimally.


Testing It out Myself


While in Las Vegas, my friend recommend me a chiropractor, and I was ready to see if the treatment could live up to its claims. I have always been skeptical with treatments that involved anything alternative, I had always been a conventional medicine man, but then again conventional medicine had yet to make me less prone to sickness, just cure me.

When the first few days began, I felt no different from the beginning, rather nothing regarding to my overall health, but my back did feel pretty good. It was only after the second week of the treatment did I notice a change in my complexion and overall health, but it was after allergy season so I decided to continue the treatment to see if the healthy trend continued… and it did.

Unfortunately this is not really a proper experiment, having no control group or any other parts that would separate coincidences and other factors. Though, I am still convinced, which is why I write this article as an informal report on the effects of the treatment.


All in all


It is important to proceed with an experiment to see if the effects of this treatment are not merely placebo or anything similar to that. I recommend this to be done by a team of researchers to truly have a conclusive result. But I am personally convinced of the effects, happy with the results, and am currently living a relatively healthier life after the treatment, experiencing little to no sickly days compared to without it. Now, I can finally go on more trips and enjoy my passion for geography.