Geography facts that will blow your mind

World Most Beautiful Places

The earth as we know it is just a glimpse of its geographic. There are many facts you are not aware of, here are some of the mind-blowing facts about the world:


  2. Bangladesh is 115 times smaller than Russia but has a population of 10 million people more than Russia.
  3. China has 14 bordering countries.
  4. The biggest river
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10 Mysterious Facts About The Bermuda Triangle


Bermuda triangle is a patch of water where planes and boats go missing. Here are some facts about the Bermuda Triangle:

  1. The Bermuda Triangle already started gaining fame in the times of Christopher Columbus. During his voyage to the new world, the explorer noticed pillars of fire falling from the sky and crashing into the ocean near this area and at that time they did not have developed the system of communication, so people did
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Real World Application of Geography: Pesticides

It is often wondered by people, mostly students, of the practical application of any subject they are required to study. They argue that; unless one pursued a career in the field of study, there would be no practical use of it. To remedy this mindset, we have decided to start a new series which would explore practical applications of geography to most, if not all careers. In this first installment, we explore the application of … Read More

Asian Stink Bugs Migrate to the US

Some pests are not natural to a particular place. These invasive insects could be introduced to a new environment due to migration and domestication of animals. A good example of this kind of pest is the Brown Marmorated Stink Bug (BMSB), scientific name Halyomorpha halys. This bug is a native agricultural pest in Asia. It infested crops in China, Japan, and South Korea. However, these bugs are now present in the United States. The … Read More

On my Geography Trip Researching The Health Benefits of Chiropractic Therapy

geography-las-vegasI had always been quite sickly, not to the extent of being bedridden or anything similar, but I had always been sickly compared to my friends, which was always a hinder to my hobby of studying geography. I had always been researching ways to make myself a little more healthier, from new vitamins to the latest therapy, I had always tried what they were offering and seeing if there was any positive effect for me. … Read More

The Value of Top-Notch Advertising for Smaller Businesses – Tips and Suggestions

Advertising for smaller businesses is often considered a difficult task. This is simply because of the limited amount of resources that a business has. Smaller businesses, unlike large corporations, often don’t have the ability to launch expensive marketing campaigns.

As such, most advertising agencies will tend to focus on medium-sized enterprises that do not require as much advertising dollars. However, this doesn’t mean that advertising for these businesses is impossible. Smaller advertising agencies are still … Read More

Topnotch Tools and Other Essentials for Realtors and Real Estate Firms

Are you searching for the best realtor tools today? With so many of them on the internet, how do you know which one to choose? Some websites will indeed claim they have the best realtor tools but what does that really mean?

And how do you know if a website can really help you find and hire a great realtor? Here are a few things to consider: There are literally hundreds of realtor websites on … Read More

Searching for a Chiropractor? Here are Some Valuable Tips You Should Apply

A good place to start in your search for a chiropractor in your area is your physician’s office. These professionals usually are familiar with several chiropractors in the area and might have recommendations for you. In addition, they are likely to have the best chiropractic care available in your town or city.

Ask your primary care physician, family physicians, and even emergency room doctors if they can recommend any chiropractors in your area. This is … Read More

Discussing Varying Known Benefits of Drinking Espresso – Surprising Facts

Rich, creamy espresso is full of health benefits, including antioxidants. One of the health benefits of drinking espresso is that it stimulates your heart rate. When you start feeling stressed out, your heart rate shoots up.

Espresso shots are a good pick me up for your morning routine. It is caffeine-free, so you can drink as much as you want without worrying about crashing. The high amount of calories per serving is good news … Read More

Reasons to Apply Metal Coating – Tips and Essentials to Keep in Mind

There are several reasons to apply the metal coating. This type of treatment is used in many industries, from aerospace to healthcare to automotive, and from building to trailer to shipyards.

Metal coatings have a wide variety of benefits, but primarily they provide protection to reduce corrosion and oxidation caused by exposure to saltwater or corrosive liquids, as well as improving the overall appearance and glossiness of a finish.

Metal is one of the most … Read More

Real Estate and Leaning on Listing Services for More Efficient Transactions

Real estate is real property consisting of the buildings and land on it, and its accompanying natural resources like water, rocks, or plants; and its marketable value; that is, the amount obtained for it by sale. This marketable value is usually the price at which a property can be sold.

Real estate brokers are persons who procure contracts for the real estate business. A real estate broker is also known as a real estate agent. … Read More

Thomas Alva Edison – Knowing More About His Background, Inventions and More

Thomas Alva Edison is an American business magnate and inventor who was born in New Jersey. Known as one of the “American inventors” by several prominent individuals, he was also one of the greatest inventors in the history of science.

He was described by one of his colleagues as the “man who revolutionized the world with his telegraph patent”. In addition to this, he is said to have been the first person to realize the … Read More

The Value of Knowing Your Industrial Coating Options – Essentials to Keep in Mind

The importance of industrial coatings cannot be denied today. These coatings are used in a variety of industries to protect their equipment from damage. The coatings keep the equipment free from rusting, chipping, and fading. Talk to experts from Minnesota Industrial Coatings for more specific details on the importance of high quality coatings.

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Investing in Stocks – Why You Should Start Doing So As Soon As Possible

The potentials benefits of investing in stocks come from the ability to maximize your investment return through dividends. Potential income from capital gains also comes from increasing the value of your stock over time, especially during bull markets.

However, potential losses from trading stocks come from fluctuations that affect the price you paid for each share. These losses can offset any potential gain you make, or even result in a loss if your shares drop … Read More

Picking a Piano – Factors and Other Crucial Pointers to Remember When Buying

So, you want to learn how to play the piano. The thought of all the work that goes into learning to play this instrument is certainly not something to relish. In fact, most people who learn to play the piano end up being unhappy with it after the initial learning curve is over. Don’t let yourself be one of those people!

First, understand what makes a piano good for someone learning to play. A piano … Read More