Geography facts that will blow your mind

World Most Beautiful Places

The earth as we know it is just a glimpse of its geographic. There are many facts you are not aware of, here are some of the mind-blowing facts about the world:


  2. Bangladesh is 115 times smaller than Russia but has a population of 10 million people more than Russia.
  3. China has 14 bordering countries.
  4. The biggest river
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10 Mysterious Facts About The Bermuda Triangle


Bermuda triangle is a patch of water where planes and boats go missing. Here are some facts about the Bermuda Triangle:

  1. The Bermuda Triangle already started gaining fame in the times of Christopher Columbus. During his voyage to the new world, the explorer noticed pillars of fire falling from the sky and crashing into the ocean near this area and at that time they did not have developed the system of communication, so people did
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Real World Application of Geography: Pesticides

It is often wondered by people, mostly students, of the practical application of any subject they are required to study. They argue that; unless one pursued a career in the field of study, there would be no practical use of it. To remedy this mindset, we have decided to start a new series which would explore practical applications of geography to most, if not all careers. In this first installment, we explore the application of … Read More

Asian Stink Bugs Migrate to the US

Some pests are not natural to a particular place. These invasive insects could be introduced to a new environment due to migration and domestication of animals. A good example of this kind of pest is the Brown Marmorated Stink Bug (BMSB), scientific name Halyomorpha halys. This bug is a native agricultural pest in Asia. It infested crops in China, Japan, and South Korea. However, these bugs are now present in the United States. The … Read More

On my Geography Trip Researching The Health Benefits of Chiropractic Therapy

geography-las-vegasI had always been quite sickly, not to the extent of being bedridden or anything similar, but I had always been sickly compared to my friends, which was always a hinder to my hobby of studying geography. I had always been researching ways to make myself a little more healthier, from new vitamins to the latest therapy, I had always tried what they were offering and seeing if there was any positive effect for me. … Read More

Discussing the Various Uses of Custom-Made Flags Today – A Detailed Overview

There are many uses for custom-made flags. They can be used as advertising banners, outdoor posters, and even indoor displays. They are also durable and can withstand various weather conditions.

They are also great for displaying a message that is time-sensitive. It’s important not to use outdated information on custom flags, though. They can last for years. They can also come with robust stands that help you put them up in different locations.

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Reasons Why You Should Only Go fro a Construction Company with Bond and Insurance

The construction bond process is a good investment for both parties. The bonds provide a guarantee of payment for any claims that may arise. The construction bonding process requires the contractor to be dedicated to the project, resulting in greater profit for the construction firm.

With the bonding process, the contractor can take on a variety of projects in a short period of time. A contractor with a bond is also more likely to finish … Read More

How to Effectively Enhance Air and Ventilation Quality in Your Home – A Must-Read

If you have an asthmatic family member, you need to find out how to enhance air and ventilation in the home. It is essential to maintain the correct indoor temperature and control stale air. There are also many ways to add more ventilation to your home.

You can open your windows and doors during the winter and use an exhaust fan when it is hot outside. To make sure that your home is well-ventilated, here … Read More

Taking a Closer Look at the Connection Between Wastewater Management and Health

The health implications of wastewater and drainage systems are not yet fully understood. Despite their importance, they remain a source of concern in many communities. In fact, the current infrastructure is overloaded, and this is resulting in more frequent and severe rainfall events.

As a result, combined sewer overflows are becoming more common, which can have disastrous health effects on communities. If the untreated water carries viruses, it can contaminate drinking water, which can … Read More

Awesome Study Methods for Statistics and Math – What Every Student Should Know

The study methods for math and statistics are similar to those for other subjects. In both subjects, the key to success is the actual practice, but this is especially true for the latter. Before beginning your calculations, it is best to review the material that you have already learned.

This will allow you to internalize the concepts and formulas that you encounter in class. The best way to do this is by working out at … Read More

Designing Your New Bathroom – Essentials and Recommendations to Keep in Mind

Choosing the right layout for your bathroom is crucial for a successful design. A family bathroom may require a bath and shower and en suites may only need a shower. The layout of the bathroom is vital to its function, and it should be planned carefully to maximize the space available.

Whether you have limited space or more room than required, a minimalist approach is the best option. The key is to consider the type … Read More

Opting for Funeral Plans from Expert Services – Why It’s a Highly Recommended Choice

If you are still in good health and are unsure about how to go about it, you should opt for funeral plans. This will spare your family from making difficult decisions once you are gone.

By opting for a preneed agreement, you will be able to name exactly who you want to attend your funeral, what kind of eulogy you want, who you want to invite to the service, and where you would like your … Read More

Reminders to Keep in Mind Before You Take Your PC to a Computer Repair Expert

If your computer is having trouble, don’t worry. Expert computer repair provides the best service around, and they offer both on-site and remote computer repair. They offer both on-site and remote computer repair services. We’re located in Arlington, Virginia and we are happy to help you with all your computer problems!

We can also perform a variety of other types of repairs, from hard drive replacement to virus removal. Back up your data regularly. Hard … Read More

Finding the Right Roofing Service for You – Tips and Other Recommendations to Remember

The first step in finding the best roofing services is to read reviews online. Read the customer feedback and try to see if any of the reviews are negative. If so, move on to the next roofing service. You can also check out the Better Business Bureau’s website to see how long the company has been accredited.
The BBB also has an accreditation list of companies that have adhered to its standards. You can also
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Safe and Effective Nasal Rinse Solutions You Should Consider Today – A Quick Look

There are many different kinds of safe, nasal rinse options. The first thing that should be remembered is that you should not use tap water as a rinse. The water should be distilled or boiled. The second thing that you should remember is that you should only use a saline solution.

It is important to note that these types of rinses are not intended for children. The FDA warns against improper use of these devices, … Read More