First, choosing a career is a big step, it’s not as simple as a job, as you can quit those. You have to be certain that what you will be doing is what you love. Geography is fun, and to those who loves it can be quite exciting, so if you have a passion for it than you are in the right track. Questions come up when we talk about careers, such as what can I do as a person with a background on geography?  And how much does a geographer make?

So what can you do as a geographer? During your time in pursuing your degree in geology, you will learn many things, including Cartography, Environmental Management, among other things. These can translate to Professional Designer for cartography, and a career in environmental management with the subject with a similar name. Careers like resource finder and researcher are open for geographers, and you would be surprised with different companies looking for people with geography backgrounds. If you search the net for jobs for geography graduates you would be surprised.

About the pay, the median wage for geographers in May of 2012 was $74,760, and that was just 2012 and the wage can only go up.